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So you have questions, right? I thought so!

"Do you edit your photos?"

You bet! I edit for color/light and can even take away that photo bomber in the back!

I do not edit for physical size though. EMBRACE THAT NATURAL BEAUTY!

"How many photos will I receive?"

Depending on how well the shoot goes,

you'll get between 40-100 fully edited images!

But don't worry, I'll make sure you get more than you ever thought you wanted!

"What if part of our family has four legs?"

YES. 100x YES.

"Soo.. we couldn't decided on JUST ONE outfit!"

Who can?! Feel free to bring up to 2 outfits!

"I REALLY loved the photo I saw where the family was in a grassy field!"

Me too! We can always shoot there;

 but I have SO many locations that are awesome, too!

"Sooo.. we also couldn't decide on JUST ONE location!"

Again, WHO CAN? We'll go to them all!

But depending on the distance, I may charge for travel.

But don't worry- no crazy surcharges here.

I keep transportation costs to a minimum!


Ugh, mother nature am I right?! 

Photographers and rain checks are like PB&J.

Don't sweat it, we'll find a day asap to shoot!

"Do you sell me prints of the photos after their done or.."


I upload all of your photos to a private Dropbox album for you;

from there you can view and download as you please!

".. What is Dropbox?"

We'll get there. Don't worry.

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